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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the software work with older operating
systems like Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT?

A. No, it is designed for Windows XP and Vista.
Q: Is it easy to enter and change the information for my inn or bed and breakfast?
A. Yes.  You enter all of the information about your inn in the “Settings” area of the program. Simply click on the Settings icon and a new screen will appear.  Here, you can enter and edit all the information about your business. 
Q. I have a wide variety of rooms with different features.  Can I enter the specific details and features of each room? 
A.My Inn Reservations gives you a great deal of flexibility when entering information about your rooms. You can use numbers for your rooms or you can give them specific names if they have names. Or, you can choose to both number and name your rooms.  You can then choose the kind of room, such as single and double, king, suite, etc. It’s easy to add more kinds of rooms if you like.  A great feature is that as you add new kinds of rooms they are permanently applied to the room type options so you don’t have to add them each time.
Q. How does the software deal with different room rates? 
A. Owners of small inns often charge different rates during weekends, holidays, etc.  Our software makes it easy to change room rates!  For example, if you only have a single rate for the room, just add one rate. If you have multiple rates for weekdays, weekends, holidays, etc., just add those rates to the room information. If you need to change the rate, it is easy to switch rates or change the amount while you make a reservation. You can also come back later and edit any of your rates, if you need to change them.
Q. Can I include extra services for my inn like a rollaway bed, bottled water, or a bottle of wine? 
A. Yes.  What you need to do is click on the “Services” area of your inn’s settings.  Here, you can enter all extra services and prices for those services.  These services will appear on a guest’s invoice.  You can add any item or service that you charge extra for. The program will give you the option of giving the service either a flat fee or a daily rate. You can also select if you want to charge for the service each day, or just once during a guest’s stay.
Q. Can I send email confirmations with the reservation software?

A. When you enter your contact information there are two fields called “Email Confirmation Text” and “Email Signature”.   In the email confirmation text box, write the information about your inn that you want to give guests when they make a reservation. They will see the check in time, your cancellation policy, or if you choose, a simple thank you or welcome message.

If you’d like the program to send a confirmation email for a reservation, it will use the information you entered along with the specific reservation information. The email signature feature allows you to include the name and address of the business, along with your phone number, website address, and even a company slogan.

Q. Can I add a company logo to the printable invoices?.
A. In the “Company Info” area, in addition to the name of your business and the address and contract information, you can also load the logo for your business to print out on invoices, if you have a logo.
Q. Does My Inn Reservations allow for different kinds of taxes for goods and services?
A. Yes.  My Inn Reservations makes it easy to handle different taxes for your city or state. The software is very flexible and allows you to set up a variety of tax rates appropriate for your particular situation.  Just click the “Add” button and enter a tax rate. You can make the tax apply to a room rate (which would be used for an occupancy tax), or to a service (for a sales tax) or even both.  You can even adjust the taxes on individual reservations, if you get a guest that is tax exempt for any type of tax.
Q. Does My Inn Reservations include a calendar so I can easier review and change reservations? 
A. Yes.  The main screen is an easy to use calendar.  The program shows you the current month, but it is easy to flip back and forth to other months.  You can even click on the Weekly or Daily view if you’d like to get a more detailed look at the calendar. 

There is also a small calendar on the left side of the screen which operates independently from the large calendar.  This way you can easily review other months without losing track of the current month on the large screen. 

The name of a reserved room will always appear in red on your calendar, which indicates that the room is booked. This way you can see at a glance which rooms are occupied when you are dealing with potential guests.
Q. Does the software allow me to print out the calendar so that I have a hardcopy to review?
A. When looking at Weekly or Daily view of the calendar, you have the option of printing this view so that you can have a paper copy to take with you when you are away from the computer. You can choose to print available rooms, occupied rooms, or all rooms.
Q. If I need to search for a specific reservation, how can I do that? 
A. My Inn Reservations comes with a convenient search feature.  You can use the search form to search for any reservation in your database.
Q. How do I create a new reservation?
A. This program provides you with several quick and easy ways to add a new reservation.  On the main calendar, there is an “Add” button which opens up the reservation screen.  This allows you to quickly create a reservation for a specific day.  You can also click on the “New Reservation” icon above the calendar.
Q. What kind of information is included in a reservation?

A. The customer information includes name, address, company, email, fax, etc.  You can also keep track of how your customers found out about you with a “referral source.”  The reservation includes room name and number, and the rates you select for that room. 

You can choose the number of nights stayed by entering a check in date and check out date, or by choosing the check in date and changing the “nights stayed” button until the number is correct.  You may also click and unclick any taxes that may or may not apply to a reservation. 

If you wish to add additional services or grant discounts, you can also do this on the reservation form. You can come back later and change these amounts, if you decide to add more services or give a discount later.

Q. Does My Inn Reservations keep information about old customers so that I don’t have to add their information twice?
A. Yes.  At the very top of the New Reservation window, above the name field, there is a button that looks like an address book called “Previous Customers.” If a customer has stayed with you before, you can easily look them up and add their information into the reservation without retyping it. You can delete a customer from the system if you wish.
Q. How do I generate and print an invoice for my guests? 
A. The Generate an Invoice screen creates a receipt and invoice for your guests, showing them their total.  When you click on the Generate an Invoice screen, a small calendar will appear.  You can select the CHECK IN day on the calendar to see all of the guests who checked in that day. Simply click on the guest that you wish to create an invoice for.

You can then print out the invoice and present it to your guest. If you need to change something on the invoice, click the Edit button, and it will bring up the original reservation screen so that you can easily make any changes so that the guest is charged correctly.

Q. Can I use the program to generate a revenue or tax report? 
A. Yes.  The Generate Report area of My Inn Reservations allows you to see all your reservations for a specified time period.  You can then run a revenue report or tax report and print it out. This is a great way see how much revenue each room is generating, as well as your average room price.   

The tax report lets you quickly see how much taxes you have collected, so that you can more easily fill out your tax forms and pay taxes.


Q. How much does it cost?
A.$299. You can download the free trial and use it for 14 days with no restrictions, to make sure that the software is right for you and meets your needs.